Introductory webinar
Love Your Home Aromatherapy: A Room by Room Approach to Using Pure Essential Oils Safely and Responsibly in Your Home.
This webinar emphasizes safe and responsible use of pure essential oils and empowers you to confidently take your first steps in the aromatherapy lifestyle. It also gives you a framework of how to incorporate medicinal aromatherapy into your everyday life at home, at the workplace, and anywhere else you go.

Home worksheet

First Aid AromaKit

Your First Aid AromaKit gives you all you need to handle the majority of the bumps and bruises of everyday life. It comes with 15 two-ml bottles filled with carefully chosen essential oils and a webinar. Take a look at the handout for this webinar to see many of the ailments you can address with fifteen oils. The expression, “Don’t leave home without it” truly applies to this AromaKit!

Knowing how to use these 15 essential oils, you’ll be ready and confident to tackle everyday health concerns such as:
Minor cuts
Muscular aches and pains
Arthritis flare ups
Respiratory congestion
and much more!

In addition to the First Aid AromaKit, custom AromaKits are available as well to address a multitude of health goals. More information on this service can be provided following a private consultation.

Private Consultations:
Make Over your Home Room-by-Room! This approach offers you a room-by-room plan for incorporating medicinal aromatherapy into your life. This program covers far more than replacing toxic room sprays with diffusers using pure essential oils. Whether you live in a sprawling mansion or an 18-foot RV, this step-by-step makeover of the spaces in your home will create a major energetic shift in the most important building of your life, your home.

This approach is entirely customizable. Online consulting is available on video platforms such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and others. All consultation begins with completing a thorough intake form, called Getting to Know You.