Professional Training:
Certified by:
The School Aromatic Studies
Instructors: Jade Shutes and Amy Galper
NAHA approved school
Wisdom of the Earth
Level 1 and 2
Instructors: Barry Kapp, Cynthia Olivera de Kapp, and Audre Gutierrez
Shining Sun Aromatherapy
Instructor and Mentor: Audre Gutierrez
Additional Coursework:
Aromahead Institute
Instructor: Andrea Butje

Trainings I have Conducted
Along with Alice Kinsler, M.A., A.T.R., at Concord Hospital in Concord NH, I have been training the hospital medical staff since November of 2014. We have successful provided aromatherapy to over 2,000 patients with the use of carefully selected essential oils. Using inhalation as the delivery system, we respond to the inpatient needs of nausea, anxiety, pain, appetite stimulation and other conditions. There is no charge to the patient for this program. As of 2017, we trained well over 100 employees to be “Aromatherapy Ambassadors” empowering them to directly offer this service to their patients for symptom alleviation.

My Story
My journey with essential oils began in 2004 on a vacation to Sedona AZ. Just up the road is Cornville, where Wisdom of the Earth is located. Barry Kapp, Owner and Master Medical Aromatherapist, gently guided me to select an essence. The experience created an immediate shift on all levels. I just knew I had come across something of great value that I wanted for my own life, as well as for my loved ones.

Over the next decade, I had the great fortune to train and certify myself so I could, in turn, train others. Over the years, I’ve had numerous opportunities to compassionately pull back the curtain for those who have heard about aromatherapy, but thought it could be bought at a local big box store. These pure essential oils are not even available in big box stores, nor should they be. Using true essential oils safely requires some upfront education. Congratulations on pursuing this most worthwhile lifestyle and healing modality.

A Word of Gratitude
Every aspect of my life is graced with essences. I use them in the rooms of my home, I carry them with me and treat people in my life, even my pets are naturally treated with them. I use them to clean and aromatically beautify my home The essences are truly in my heart. My professional and personal life is blessed in sharing the essences with those wishing to create sacred spaces on all levels in their lives.
It is my greatest desire to help others use essences with confidence, clarity, and appreciation for the many gifts of the plant and tree kingdom.

Ami Sarasvati

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My doggie (at the time of this writing) is eight years old. Her name is “Maggie”, which is short for Magnolia Violet, two of my favorite essential oils. Maggie embodies the Love paradigm that is experienced through the consciousness of the plants and trees. I love “treating” her with my pet spray to keep her safe from fleas and ticks.